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84-The Sun Will Come Up Again by PhantomDreamerLuna 84-The Sun Will Come Up Again by PhantomDreamerLuna
Here's another one for the theme challenge.

...uhm, it doesn't actually have Sam or Freddie, but it's a "now" common metaphor for Seddie finally making it through some hard times and onto "banana land". If you haven't seen iLove You, then I feel sorry for you. Also, I'm NOT appreciative of the Seddiers that are saying we need to 'boycott' Nickelodeon until they fix this and blah blah blah. I've worked with bringing back everything from the Wild Thornberries to Danny Phantom. I'm an editor for HA6s (Hey Arnold 6th Season project) and some of my favorite fanfics are for My Life as a Teenage Robot and AAH! Real Monsters! Nickelodeon has been my life forever, and I know very well that the 'boycott' method NEVER WORKS. It's stupid and pointless. Why? Because even when someone says they won't watch, they want to, and then they do, or their younger siblings don't know any better and do it for them. It never works. So, do your best and DON'T boycott or make petitions and other stupid stuff like that. Okay?

I like to live by my favorite little motto: Peace Love Seddie
It means that we don't have to be like Sam and literally beat up someone when we don't get our way. But we don't back down and just let things go without a say. We ALL know that Dan listens to us, and he loves to hear what we have to say. DO NOT TAKE THIS OUT ON HIM. If you've been following his work, like I have :wink: for a LONG time, you'd know he has a tendency to make the perfect couples ALWAYS end up together in the end. Josh and Mindy were together in the end of Season 4 of Drake & Josh. Chase and Zoey were finally together at the very end of Zoey 101!
You guys need to calm down and think. BE SEDDIERS! Go back to drawing fanart and writing fanfics! Think about the LOVE, not the HATE!!! PEACE, LOVE, SEDDIE! That means PEACE, be nice. DON'T be mean to other shippers, whether they share yours or not! And LOVE, be good to your ship! Don't back down from it, even when things look dim or it feels like there's no hope, just keep going! Write those fanfictions from the heart! Keep on drawing those fanarts with the true love you've got!
And, lastly, SEDDIE. Don't back down, love it 'til the end. Love it 'til the end! AND THE END HASN'T COME YET! Just keep swimming! ...wait, wrong franchise. WHATEVER! Don't give up hope, and keep your dirty mouths shut if you don't have anything NICE to say! Okay?, sorry about the random speech, but that's been irritating my all weekend! I'd really appreciate it if the good behavior returned! :heart:

Now, tell me what you think of this weird little drawing. I made it this morning, finished coloring it right after work...which means midnight. ><

Thanks for viewing! <3 And, again, sorry for the little rant...
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pancake2 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a very cute drawing :meow: I hadn't thought of Seddie as going to "banana land" before but that certainly is an interesting concept that I will think into. ;)

I really like your little speech :) And I'm not even gonna go into the long story of why your reference of "just keep swimming" really made me smile... It's a VERY long story :XD:
I do have a little rant I made up about this in my most recent journal; it's not anger aimed at Dan or Nick or anything like that, but there is quite a bit of anger built into there... Although I personally think I did my best not to explode too much... :XD:
death-by-panda Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Student General Artist
So true (:
If we give up now all hope is lost!
Seddie will prevail!!! :D
applesandbannas747 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i don't understand...ah well- in to the favs you go! i do hope sam and freddie get back together(and i don't blame carly either)
Pjato333096 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011
Honestly, I was cool that they broke up, it was the WAY they broke up that was sad/bittersweet.....I'm not blaming Carly, because I mean, come on, THEY were the ones that let it get to their heads.. T_T
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